Windy and Humphree. A perfect match.

Humphree, a recognized supplier of stabilization systems


Windy has used interceptor-based stabilization systems from Swedish Humphree for many years on its larger models. The company is now in agreement with Humphree for deliveries on all models, from the Windy 27 Solano up to the flagship SR52.

“- Humphree is a recognized supplier of premium systems for Trim and Stabilization and they are a perfect match for us,” says Fredrik Delic, Sales Director at Windy. “We have worked with Humphree for over 10 years now and know each other well.”

“- Windy makes very solid and exclusive boats. It is gratifying that we found solutions for all of Windy’s customers, so now they can enjoy their time even more when they are out at sea,” replies Per Landegren, Director Sales & Marketing at Humphree.

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