Ferretti Group 43wallytender

Optimal trim with Humphree Interceptors

“When a shipyard is happy to carry out sea trials for journalists on the first boat of the series on a day with a rough sea potentially reaching degree 5, and gives the journalists complete freedom to do whatever maneuvers they like, they are very confident about both the boat’s design and its build quality

ON 7 OCTOBER, LOOKING OUT, OF MY WINDOW OVER THE GULF OF POETS, LA SPEZIA, AND SEEING THE VERY CHOPPY SEA and the waves crashing against the breakwater, I said to myself: «We won’t be doing the sea trial today». I didn’t have any messages on my mobile, so I headed to the Ferretti-owned Riva shipyard regardless. Experience had taught me that the press officer would apologise and reschedule the trip due to the poor conditions at sea. I was already rearranging my day in my head, thinking about the activities I had planned for the afternoon. However, the lovely young lady took me on to the boat and confirmed the trip would go ahead: everything seemed calm in the marina, with the breakwaters doing their job. I tried pointing out to the captain that the sea beyond was very rough, but he didn’t bat an eyelid, a sign of confidence in one’s boats. Things had just got more interesting! The model we were testing was 43wallytender, the first boat created entirely as part of Ferretti.”

“Here even the Humphree interceptors are in dialogue with the propulsion system, with a carefully calibrated curve designed for optimal trim whatever the speed. The result is an integrated package that is well tried and tested, even straight out of production.”

(43wallytender, courage in spades – Barchemagazine.com – July 2021)

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