Visit Humphree at Palm Beach International Boat Show

Takes your boating to the next level

With more than 20 years of improving conditions for people at sea with our trim and stabilization systems for yachts and vessels, we are now introducing a new product.

LIGHTNING by Humphree is an innovative all-in-one underwater light, trim, and stabilization system for the 20- to 45-foot boat market. The ultra-fast blade movement effectively stabilizes small boats with short roll periods and will trim the boat, control the heel in turns, and list in a straight course for a much more stable ride. Built-in red/green/blue/white underwater lights add a touch of class at night (with smartphone control) and eliminate a separate light installation. Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity allows for automatic updates via the Humphree app that gives direct connection to Humphree technical support for upgrades as well as new functions and features.