Vicem Yachts Cruiser 67 comes with Humphree Fin Stabilizers

The customizable Vicem Yachts Cruiser 67, like the first model that was delivered to U.S, would have a full-beam master stateroom, a VIP forward, a twin stateroom, and quarters for two crew aft. On a custom order, any of those spaces can be reconfigured or repurposed. All staterooms are ensuite.

As with all Vicem interiors, handcrafted mahogany rules the day, although, rather than seeming heavy and old-school, Vicem’s joinery treatments feel lively, bright and contemporary.

For those in a hurry, the 67 tops out at 22 knots with the standard pair of 1,000-hp Volvo Penta D13s. Economical cruise speed is 14 knots, and for marathon running, the boat will cover 2,000 miles at 8 knots, Vicem says. The company takes particular pride in its engine rooms, which have smart layouts, practical mechanical spaces and clearly labeled systems. Humphree fin stabilizers are standard on this model.


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