The Two Oceans 555 – an upscale powercat

Almost flat running under way with Humphree Interceptor Trim Tabs


The Two Oceans 555 is an upscale powercat with the volume of a 70-foot monohull and the customization potential of a 100-foot yacht.

All too often, boatbuilders are forced to make compromises. Sure, you can have high-end luxury and innovative features, but only if you give up the option to customize the interior space.

“We made a very conscious decision to do things differently with the Two Oceans 555,” says Dave Jirikovic. “This power catamaran has an edge over all the others in the industry. You get the luxury and innovation that customers demand, but also the ability to customize. Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing’s custom build mentality affords the customer what they want within the constraints of the spatial shell we are working within.”

Owners can easily expect a top speed in the upper-20-knot range, Jirikovic says. This powercat’s design—combined with custom conical Humphree Interceptor tabs and exclusive tunnel design by Teignbridge Ltd.—lifts the after section to ease the vessel’s motion.

“If you look at other boats in this segment, they’re stern-heavy when underway,” he says. “They look like they’re struggling to get up to speed. The Two Oceans 555 runs nearly flat underway, at about 1.5 degrees of upward angle at cruise. The high-speed performance numbers showcase the engineering involved. The 555’s design gives you the speed you want, but also dynamic efficiency at low speed.”

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