The synergies of true boat stabilization

Have you ever been at sea supported by a Humphree stabilizer?


We are confident to say that you would remember. We live in an age where exciting innovation can enhance our boating experience while also minimizing our environmental impact.

With the right kind of boat stabilization, interceptors and fins, this is not only possible – it’s also easy to install and handle. And while there are both ecological and economical benefits to boat stabilizers, it’s also a matter of increased comfort. The right equipment will provide yourself and your boating guests (family, friends and crew) with a much safer and infinitely more pleasant boat ride.

This is why Humphree exists. We want to help lower fuel consumption and environmental impacts, while making sure that everyone can enjoy being on your boat. Our goal is to convert the market from old manual trim solutions to smart automatic stabilization. This means excellent steering and visibility on rough waters – and no more seasickness. This is what true boat stabilization is all about.

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