The elderly lady who loved to dance

The elderly lady who loved to dance

We could post a good business news, as a further Humphree zero speed stabilizing fins system installed to refit the gorgeous and glorious historical vessel MY SEAWAY, built in 1928 and belonged among her lucky owners even to the English Royal Family… but we rather prefer to tell you a story!
This story was told us by the ancient mahogany ribs of her hull, during the installation, while we were removing with respect, the old hand-forged iron studs.

They told about an elegant Lady, born to dance on the wonderful sea proscenium, who didn’t accept to leave the scene, althought the unrelenting flowing decades…… Through her old spyglass, which lenses were still impressed by the images of galeons of another era, we saw her airily dancing among the waves…. but year after year the effort in withstanding it was getting heavier and her destiny was confined to the calm water of the dock.

Therefore we were so enraptured by the story, that we wanted to write a different ending … we introduced her a respectful black knight able to bring her back in the open sea and letting her gently dancing any time she desired….. “Lord Humphree” was his name!

“Welcome to the sea again Lady Seaway, welcome to your new life!”

Thanks to the Owner and the Captain!


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