Humphree Stabilization Systems – a wise choice for fast, high-planing vessels

Equipping Sportfish Yachts with Humphree stabilization systems seems to be the new normal.


This 64′ Hatteras Sportfishing Yacht was upgraded with the Humphree’s interceptors trim and stabilization system. @humphreeab @hatterasyachtsnc

Humphree interceptors are designed to create lift by “intercepting” the water as it flows over the hull with retractable blades mounted on the transom.  By introducing this vertical plane into the hull profile, the intercepted water flow results in a corrective force on the transom to lift it to the boat’s optimal trim angle—getting it beyond the “hump” to planing for faster acceleration at lower RPM and fuel consumption.
By design, interceptors provide the same amount of lift with less resistance and drag than traditional trim tab systems, making them a wise choice for fast, high-planing vessels
Features & Benefits
Robust construction, lightweight composite materials
24V DC powered servo-motors that won’t drain your batteries
Externally mounted & customizable to fit nearly any hull
Programmable with Humphree adaptive technology for stability at any speed and sea state
Optimal trim angle results in lower fuel consumption and higher speed
Whether you operate a center console with outboards, a mega-yacht with a swim platform, or a high-speed waterjet yacht,  Humphree has an Interceptor Series to suit your needs and fit your transom.

Interceptors will allow your vessel to achieve maximum performance, reduce boat roll and pitch movements, maximize speed and efficiency, and also reduce fuel consumption.


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