Review: Riviera 645 SUV with Humphree Stabilization Fins


The launch of the 645 at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show completes a stylish six-boat SUV range for Australia’s largest motor yacht builder.

“Australian-built motor yachts have garnered a global reputation for their premium quality and design flair, something I’m often reminded of during overseas assignments. At last year’s Miami Boat Show, despite a myriad of competitiors, the Riviera stand was packed with eager viewers. Among the reasons is timeless design.”

“There are triple 24-inch screens for navigation and two others for the MAN engine controls and CZone house systems. A small but important screen is for the new Humphree stabilisers: carbon fins that protrude from the underside of the hull and can be deployed automatically or over-ridden manually.”

“The major change for this range is the first use of external stabilisers, with the owner of this boat opting for Humphree fins. These have mode settings when underway – Haul-O mode and so on. These fit to each side of the hull base and can rotate according to requirements. Traditionally used on larger vessels, it is interesting to see this technology now being used on smaller craft.”

“Noticeable was the more stable ride provided by the Humphree fins – it was even more apparent as I banked into a turn where the hull, amazingly, stayed mostly flat. This gave me the confidence to straighten up and go flatchat, easily reaching 31 knots as the cranks spun at 2,350rpm before slowing to a comfortable cruising speed of 22 knots. This offers a decent range of about 500 miles.”

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