Riviera 585 SUV, equipped with Humphree Interceptors

Comfort and performance with Humphree Interceptor Trim Tabs

Riviera’s 585 SUV is a luxurious design with IPS diesels, 32-knot performance, stout construction and multifunctional spaces. The short and very sweet story of the Riviera 585 SUV is that it blends spirited 32-plus-knot performance with a luxurious alfresco lifestyle.

Riviera includes electronic controls for engines and steering, IPS joystick steering, Humphree Interceptor trim tabs, and a Side-Power bow thruster. Opposite the helm is a forward-facing L-shaped raised settee, so guests can enjoy the action underway. Both areas have the sunroof above, and the skipper can have single or dual cockpit control stations hidden out of sight.Find out more about Humphree Interceptor Trim Tabs

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