Quality & Environmental Policy

Humphree AB

Humphree AB develops, manufactures, and delivers high-quality trim and stabilization systems for both leisure and workboats in the global marine market. Our products improve boat performance, reduce environmental impact, and increase comfort and safety for everyone on board.

Through constant product development and quality control, our ambition is to evolve and improve our products in such a way that the impact on the external environment is kept to a minimum and yet reaches or exceeds our customers’ expectations.

We know that what is good for the external environment is also good for both our employees and our customers and makes us competitive.

With the support of routines and instructions in our management system for quality and environment, everyone active in the company is given the conditions to ensure that our goals, laws, and other requirements are complied with.

Our management system for quality and the environment is the tool for driving the improvement work forward. It is also our tool for managing risks and improvements. Our employees are encouraged to participate in all improvement work and to submit improvement proposals.

Through our quality and environmental work, we want our customers, employees, and other stakeholders to feel confident in us today and in the future.

Gothenburg 2022-03-08

Hannes Norrgren
CEO Humphree AB