Princess Yacht got Humphree Interceptor Retrofit

Starboard Yacht Group is a Certified Humphree Installation & Service Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida US. They have gathered and mastered a range of Humphree fins and interceptors so that they can transform their customers boating experience no matter which yacht stabilizer or combination the vessel needs.

In this case a Princess Yacht was equipped with Humphree customized Interceptors.

The HUMPHREE’S system is 30% more efficient that regular trim tabs. They create a hydrodynamic lift force by intercepting the water flow underneath the hull. In that way the interceptor creates a lift force acting on the hull instead of on the trim-device itself. In difference of the normal trim tab.

The system lowers roll and slamming by up to 50%. Get better visibility, maneuverability, stability and fuel consumption with Humphree’s interceptors!

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