Nordhavn 51. Turn-key trawler yacht promises globetrotting adventures.

Humphree Fins factory standard


Nordhavn has released details of an all-new 51ft trawler yacht. As with last summer’s entry-level 41, the new Nordhavn 51 is designed to be a more affordable ‘turn-key’ model than the semi-custom cruisers that make up the bulk of its fleet.

Built in Turkey rather than Taiwan or China, both the Nordhavn 41 and Nordhavn 51 are fixed spec production boats designed to simplify production and help keep prices down.

Outwardly the 51 is a classic go-anywhere Nordhavn trawler yacht. This includes Nordhavn’s unusual asymmetric layout – on the port side the saloon extends right out to the full beam of the hull whereas to starboard it leaves room for a wide, partially covered side deck.

Humphree Electric Fin Stabilizers included to keep the ride smooth.

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