Nordhavn 625 features Humphree Fin Stabilizers as standard

Nordhavn 625 - Among The Latest New Models From Nordhavn


Trawler pocket yacht specialist Nordhavn have been keeping their product offering fresh in recent years with the introduction of several new models.  The N625 form factor may appear familiar but it is targeted at those in the 60 to 65-foot market while offering a twist in design to keep a fresh appeal. The new model is based on the very popular Nordhavn 60 and will employ some of the same bulk production techniques being used with the N41 and 51 builds.

Nordhavn co-owner and Chief of Design Jeff Leishman said, “The N625 will maintain the same footprint as the N60, but will also feel entirely different”. Even though it is roughly the same size the refreshed design will bring the ethos of the N60 forward for future owners. The first hull is expected to layup by May 2021 according to the Nordhavn and built by the yard’s partner factory, South Coast, at their brand new Taiwanese facility. It wouldn’t be the first time Nordhavn is working with this factory as they build the current N60 there as well.

The N625 will be the first boat to be built at the new Taiwanese facility and is expected to completed by the end of 2021.  Nordhavn 625 features Humphree Fin Stabilizers as standard

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