The new Nomad 101 from Gulf Craft- stabilized by Humphree

Humphree Electric Stabilisers for unique cruising experiences


A highly accomplished explorer-style yacht, the new Nomad 101 from Gulf Craft is eminently capable of hosting swanky harbour parties and safely heading to spectacular pristine locations for unique cruising experiences.

There have always been explorer yachts – sturdy ocean-going vessels taking owners to isolated getaways around the globe. But, over the past decade, this niche segment has seen a surge in interest. There have been advances in design and technology, and we’re now benefitting from those advances with Gulf Craft’s impressive new Nomad 101.

Unveiled at the Dubai International Boat Show in March 2023, the Nomad 101 – or N101 – becomes the flagship of the UAE builder’s Nomad range.

It possesses true long-range cruising credentials and enviable seakeeping abilities combined with luxury finishes and spacious accommodation. I

Sustainability and efficiency are also key elements of the N101’s DNA, from recycled plastic water bottles used in composite materials in the table and benchtops to new Humphree Electric Stabilisers.

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