New Astilleros Armon 65m shadow vessel. Stabilized by Humphree

A new COVID-19 inspired shadow vessel

The team behind the World Superyacht Award-winning support vessel Hodor has unveiled a new COVID-19 inspired shadow vessel concept named Haven. Designed by Incat Crowther, the ShadowCAT Haven is described as a “protective layer” to the owner’s mothership. By acting as a buffer between the main yacht and outside world, Haven allows owners and charterers to maintain COVID-secure social bubbles on board.

The yacht will act as a COVID-19 testing facility and quarantine space before allowing guests and crew to proceed onto the mothership.

Elsewhere, Haven will boast all the expected facilities of a capable support vessel, including storage for Jet Skis, tenders, a submarine, diving centre and decompression chamber. A helicopter landing pad and fueling area are also found on board, as well as the option to add a dedicated hangar. Other innovations include hydroponic gardens, research labs and offices for security and aviation staff.

Humphree Stabilization package:
4x HLS 1100 tunnel shaped interceptors, Auto Trim and ACTIVE Stabilization for pitch damping and VMM (Vessel Motion Monitoring).

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