Release notes

Here you can read all the latest and greatest updates for your lightning system

Software updates


Smart Pitch Control

A completely new patented pitch control that detects head sea and trim down the bow automatically by adding extra interceptor deployment, just like an experienced captain would.

Improved Auto List

Our new AutoList have a smart turn detection and have already counteracted the list when the driver has stopped turning the wheel. This makes driving the boat feel like driving a car even in strong wind conditions.

Standby mode & Key switch support

The system now supports standby. You can enter standby from the control panel. If an extbus key switch cable is installed in your boat just flick the key switch off.

Only control panels with revision -03 and above

Night modes

We now offer red and green night modes, go check them out in display settings!

Minor fixes

  • Now possible to manually select NMEA2000 GPS units
  • Solution to prevent the system from getting a “position lost” error
  • License information can now be found in function setup menu, where you also can search for new licenses
  • Search for update can be found in the software update menu
  • System will inform if an interceptor calibration is needed
  • You can now access menus for any function without having the license for it
  • LSU now supports voltage up to 31 volts


Over the air updates for servo units

The Lightning control systems can now update servos over the air, meaning they can also get new releases.

MFD integration for Garmin

You can now control the systems functions and trim & list through Garmin MFD’s

Servo offset calibration

You can now set the interceptor offset in the system setup when the interceptors is not mounted linear to the bottom of the hull, for slanted transoms.

Minor fixes

  • LCU sets warning and alarms when voltage is low
  • Underwater lights screen now features a gradient of the current selected color when turned on.
  • Underwater lights now works when GPS speed is missing
  • Recalibrated auto list for better stability in higher speeds