Questions that may arise before installing a Lightning Trim and Stabilization System.


Lightning is moving the blade very fast and use a larger stroke 2” (50mm) compared to others using around 1” (25-30mm). The ultrafast movement together with a large stroke is essential for the performance of the system. 20 years of experience in the field have given us a technical advantage.

Check our sizing guide!

Due to the more powerful stroke 2” (50mm), a smaller Lightning interceptor can be used with the possibility to install it closer to the chine where the rightening arm is greater and a more efficient lift force will be created. The result is faster response and an increased performance for the Auto List and the Roll stabilization functionalities.

The system works up to 62knots, above this speed, the system does not move the blade at all.
The system will adjust the blades more “gently” at high speeds for safety reasons.

Yes, the functions work throughout the entire speed range. See the manual for more information.

Humphree Lightning supports MFD integration with an HTML5-application. The LCP connects with MFDs through the ethernet port. Supported MFD's are Garmin OneHelm displays and Navico Group displays (Simrad, B&G and Lowrence) and Raymarine Axiom and Axiom 2 displays. Ensure your display is compatible with HTML-5 apps.

Currently, For Simrad, we recommend a NSX Simrad series, the NSS series have troubles with the trim and list controls. We are working on solving the issue.

For the Garmin 9000 series with bluenet, you will have have an RJ45 port available, either through a Bluenet to Garmin marine network switch, or an adapter cable. These are supplied from Garmin, the part number for the adapter cable is 010-12528-20.

For Simrad installations you will need an adapter cable supplied by Simrad. One such cable has the part number 000-0127-56.

For Raymarine installations you will need an adapter cable supplied by Raymarine. RJ45f to RayNet Adapter, part number A80247

We recommend looking in the installation manual for further assistance.

Each Interceptor has one 10x2.5W LED’s giving a total system power of 50W. The lights can also be dimmed, and the Colour can be adjusted.

No, but the system will be in "sleep mode" and the panel will activate upon touch.

Humphree is known for reliable and robust systems. The Lightning will carry this DNA forward!

The Lightning is ready to be upgraded at any time. Your dealer can assist with license upgrades.

You can buy the Humphree system at your nearest dealer, to find the nearest dealer, please check DEALERS on the Humphree webpage.

Please follow all the suggested steps in the Control Panel and the Humphree trouble shooting guide (on the web). If you require further assistance, please check our dealer locator and contact the nearest one.

The system is not autonomous but very easy to set up. An experienced boat user or a dealer can perform this with the instructions included.

For navigational safety reasons, underwater light can only be activated when the boat is at speeds close to zero knots. Note that if speed source is not activated at system start up, eg GPS turned off, the Humphree system will wait 90 seconds before lights can be activated. If for some reason speed source is deactivated during speeds over 3 knots, lights will not be able to activate. Turn on speed source again to give the system confirmation that the boat is at standstill and lights will be available again.

Yes, the underwater LEDs are fully RGBW which enables you to choose the colour to suit your mood.

One year from delivery of the system or two years if the warranty sheet / electronic form has been completed.


No, but it requires good technical skills and know-how. Required manuals are included.

No, you can mount the cable through hull fitting either below typically behind the interceptor or above the water line. There is a cable cover included.

The clever and included “mounting bracket” is mounted to the transom first. The bracket have two stainless steel thread inserts and the interceptor is then attached to the bracket with two included M8 bolts.

Position the control unit on the transom or a position within reach for the 4m cables to the interceptors. The control unit can be rotated, however it has to be positioned in a 90° angle to the keel, not in 30° or 45° as example. In the control panel the orientation is selected. This is essential for the system to know what is forward/aft/Stb and port. Place the unit close to the centreline (within 1m from centreline is OK).

All Hardware required! Hardware kits includes: 2x Interceptors, 2x mounting bracket, 2x Through hull fittings, 1x Control Unit, 1x 10m cable to connect the control panel, 1x Control Panel, 1x Installation guide and 1x NMEA2000 drop cable used to connect to the NMEA2000 network.

The kit comes with a NMEA2000 drop cable. The cable connects to the NMEA2000 network and the system use the GPS signal available on the network. If a separate antenna is required, there are alternatives, consult your nearest dealer.

The system may not be properly setup. Also check the size of the interceptor and compare it against our size guide. For function setting, please see “Humphree academy”.

-The cable between the control unit and interceptor is 4m.
-The cable between control unit and control panel is either 10 or 15m.
-The NMEA2000 drop cable is 1.5m

Yes, an optional second control panel can be used.

Yes, the panel can be installed in both portrait and landscape positions. See the manual for more information.