Not the ordinary trim tab

The Interceptor system creates a hydrodynamic lift force by intercepting the water flow underneath the hull. In that way the interceptor creates a lift force acting on the hull instead of on the trim-device itself. In difference of the normal trim tab.

Patented design

Humphree’s patented design of the Interceptor is a compact and robust unit that has an adjustable blade that goes down vertically into the water. Due to that it doesn’t work against the water pressure that it builds up under the hull, it can be adjusted very fast and with high precision. Its compact design also makes it less vulnerable to impacts.

Interceptor placement on boat

  • Resistance curve for planing with Humphree Interceptors
  • Normal resistance curve for planing

Free from hydraulics

Because of this, it doesn’t need to work against the hydrodynamic lift force that it builds up under the hull as it’s operated by a 24 VDC brushless electric motor. With advanced controls, the system operates very fast and with high precision. The Humphree trim system is completely free from hydraulics.

Stabilization with ACTIVE
More efficient than ordinary trim tabs


The main parts of the Humphree Interceptor is constructed in composite material which means that it is maintenance free for changing zinc anodes, as the material is not affected by salt water. However we recommend to check the system on yearly basis to keep it in trim and to discover any possible damage to the system.

If there is any damage to the Interceptor, Humphree can supply any individual parts that you might require for service.

Please find more information about service in our operators manual, which can be found under Humphree downloads.


The Humphree Interceptor can be installed within 1-3 days depending on the amount of pre-work that needs to be done. To see detailed information about the installation steps, please see our installation manual which can be found under downloads.

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