Find the right interceptor

Humphree offers several different models and sizes of Interceptor's to be able to give your vessel the lift it needs to get up on plane faster or to reach the optimal running trim that will save fuel.

Find the right Interceptor System for your boat

Humphree provides a range of Interceptor systems in various models and sizes, designed to provide powerful lifting forces thanks to the optimal combination of width and deployment of the Interceptor blade. Whether your need is for enhanced speed, reduced fuel consumption, or better overall handling, our systems offer a solution.

To generate lift for your vessel, the Interceptor system relies on two key factors: the width and the deployment of the Interceptor blade. Humphree offers Interceptor systems in various models and sizes, ensuring you can find the ideal match for your vessel’s needs and budget.

The systems are available in four different series.


  • Width 300 - 750 mm
  • Deployment 50mm
  • Boat 23-60ft


  • Width 350 - 1500 mm
  • Deployment 50mm
  • Boat 40 - 150ft


  • Width 500 - 1500 mm
  • Deployment 75mm
  • Boat 50 - 200 ft


  • Width 800 - 1500 mm
  • Deployment 110mm
  • Boat 50 to 150 meters

Choosing the Right Humphree Interceptor System

Humphree recommends selecting the “Recommended” size for the Interceptor system, but if space is limited, smaller options will suffice, especially if the boat naturally maintains a “Low” trim mode.

The Humphree Large Series (HLS) is tailored for larger, heavy vessels, designed for continuous operation and service without the need for docking. Each Interceptor size must be specifically calculated for the individual vessel.


Size and Power Considerations in Interceptor Systems

The efficiency of an Interceptor system in elevating your vessel’s performance hinges on the correct combination of the Interceptor width and blade deployment. The width of the Interceptor should be tailored to provide the desired lift—wider Interceptors offer more lift. Humphree Interceptor trim tabs, notably the X-series and Standard H-series, deploy a 50mm blade, while the Extended (HE) series utilizes a 75mm deployment for efficient lifting, and the Heavy Lift (HL) series uses 110mm for maximum power.

The Interceptor systems achieve full blade deployment in just 0.7 seconds, which is crucial for rapid stabilization and enhanced safety. Even with limited space on the transom, the effective 50mm blade deployment provides substantial lift.

image featuring a Humphree system with hydrodynamic lift force that it builds up under the hull

3D Models

If you want to see if an Interceptor fits to your vessel you can download a 2D drawing or 3D model at Humphree downloads.


We can assist you with choosing the right model for your vessel. Please feel free to send your inquiry to Humphree inquiries.