Humphree system made the refit possible

Humphree Fin stabilization for Sanlorenzo 82"

Federico Fiocchini, Sales Manager at SEA ENERGY srl, Humphree Center Italy:

“It is not easy to convince an owner to install an equipment, with a different brand from the original, on his vessel. But as we like challenges, we insisted on it, strongly supported by the stabilization performances reached on a twin project refitted in 2018.

The key stone was that Humphree Electric Fin system is the easiest to be installed among the stabilization products on the  market. This is particularly appreciated in the refit boundaries, where accessibility is heavily limited by already installed systems and furnitures. These were the main  reasons of our success for the installation of a twin fin system of 1,00sqm/each to stabilize her 70 tons displacement. The yacht launch is planned for end of May.”


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