Humphree stabilizers to the rescue

Humphree Stabilizing systems are crowd-pleasers due to the capacity of stabilization at anchor and during cruising. They will give you full control of your boat, counteracting the roll and pitching movements. All new Fleming models have Humphree Fin Stabilizers as standard, and the Fleming 85 also has interceptors as standard. The systems are fully electric with a minimum energy consumption. No need for a running genset.

One Fleming boat owner, in particular, had great use of the Humphree Stabilizers utilizing the Stabilization-At-Rest feature during the summer. This eye-catching Fleming 85 was docked at the North Cove Marina, New York. Despite being a great spot, this marina is often referred to as a very uncomfortable place to stay aboard due to constant wakes from ferries and other waterway traffic down the Hudson. The owner reported that nearly all rolling was eliminated at the dock.

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