Coordinated Turn Control

Controlled heel angle for speed and comfort

Humphree System

Turn Control

For numerous applications the heel angle when turning can be significantly improved to obtain higher speed and increased comfort. The Coordinated Turn Control automatically adjusts the heeling angle of the boat during turns to reduce the side forces for people on board. The system continuously monitors the rudder position during the turn and the Interceptor blade movement is thus automatically coordinated with the rudder movement. With a controlled heel angle, higher turning speeds and better comfort can be achieved.

Turning ability

The boat’s turning ability can also be significantly improved as a result of the steering force created by the Interceptor which increases the yaw motion of the boat. Coordinated Turn Control can be combined with Automatic Trim and Automatic List Control, or with the Stabilization function for maximum comfort on board.


• Automatic control of heel angle during turns
• Interface to most steering systems, including Volvo Penta IPS
• Easy setup in control panel


• Controlled heel angle during turns for improved comfort and safety
• Possibility to turn tighter, reduced turning radius
• Maintain higher speed during turns