Historical vessel meets modern Humphree technology

M/N Patrizia - Refit project of the year

Federico Fiocchini, Sales Manager at Humphree Center SEA ENERGY Italy:

“For us it is the refit project of the year! The M/N Patrizia is a historical vessel of the fifties, longer than 50m, over 600 tons displacement, who went under a radical refit that lasted many years, which is now close to completion.

We awarded an all speed stabilization system made of 4 fins of the latest 1,5sqm/each ones! When we saw these fins for the first time one year ago in Sweden as a secret premiere, we immediately understood that this was the perfect product range completion, going to boost furtherly our impressive market share growth. But we challenge everybody to stay insensible also to the technical beauty of a carbon composite manufacture in such a size.

Well, sea and yachts lovers are used to appreciate beauty at its highest expression level, but no doubt that our fins are a tile in the mosaic of such a glamor. Even if, once installed under the vessel hull, they will be hidden ,…. you will feel them indeed.”

See how it works:

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