Interceptor Steering

Humphree integrates Interceptor steering to high speed ferries to significantly improve fuel savings and course keeping for waterjet propelled vessels. The traditional means of steering with redirecting the thrusting force from the waterjet and have the autopilot to constantly correct this to keep a steady course can now be significantly improved with an assisting Interceptor doing the steering. Not only the thrust losses from the redirection of the waterjet is cancelled but the controls of the vessel is improved due to a more direct response to the steering.

The interceptor will provide a steering force immediately once deployed and give the waterjet propelled vessel a much straighter course compared to its usually snaky track. The obvious and proven benefits in speed increase, fuel savings and savings on waterjet steering gears are appreciated by the Commercial operators. The fuel savings have been documented to be between 3-5%. In Navy applications the tactical diameter and advance is of strategic importance and will also be improved.

Boat parts for stabilization
interceptor steering by Humphree
steering from behind