Roll/Pitch Stabilization

Active stabilization eliminates seasickness and fatigue

Humphree System

Automatic roll and pitch stabilization

While operating in open seas boats are constantly exposed to waves that will cause roll and pitch motions resulting in reduced comfort on board. With Humphree active stabilization system the Interceptors are instantly actuated to provide lift which counteracts these motions and at the same time optimises the running trim and list angle – all in one system. The system includes a Ride Control Unit (RCU) which consists of an advanced digital controller with unique adaptive control algorithms and an advanced sensor package which uses a combination of GPS, gyro and accelerometers to measure 3D rate of turn and ship accelerations.

Eliminate seasickness and fatigue

The combination of responsive electric actuated Interceptors and sophisticated Humphree Ride Control Unit provides an efficient ride control system for boats of any sizes, operating from semi-displacing to planing speeds. In the Humphree control panel the system is easily activated or deactivated with a single press of a button. Since the Humphree RCU system will retract the Interceptors automatically when not needed, there is no added hull resistance when the system is deactivated. This is unique among marine stabilization systems.


• Advanced Ride Control Unit (RCU)
• Includes Automatic Trim Control and Automatic List Control
• Easily installed or retrofitted on most mono hulls and catamarans


• Efficient roll- and pitch damping at semi-planing and planing speeds, for comfort and safety
• “All in one” system – Trim and Stabilization
• Improved operability with reduced motions
• Minimal added drag and weight
• Easy upgraded from any other Humphree boat control systems