Spanish creative and safe solutions

We are proud to report that our Humphree family is still going strong, all around the world. Where we normally see closed communities, we can instead focus on passionate activity. This time from the Humphree Distributor crew in Spain, Camber Marine, Mallorca.

They had just moved into their great, newly built facility when the pandemic struck. But thanks to true team spirit, and taking the necessary security measures against covid-19, they are both operational and able to ensure that boat owners will have their boats ready for this season.

Right now, many boats are waiting for service and maintenance. As a result,  Camber Marine crew now handle all service bookings and transports via their website. They have created a smooth and safe digital tool that allows boat owners to book service and maintenance from the comfort of their homes – with a reliable pick-up and return service, thanks to the help of qualified skippers.

In times of challenge, it’s fantastic to see how resourceful and service-minded our innovative Humphree family is – all around the world. By finding new and safe ways of helping boat owners in need, we truly prove that we live our brand and love what we do.


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