Humphree electric fin stabilizing system

The state of the art 24V DC fin stabilizers delivers a game changing package and offers a number of benefits compared to what has been available on the market earlier. With 24V DC, the system can be operated without keeping a genset engine running while underway. The main engine alternators will charge the batteries powering the system. Less noise, less fuel, less wear.

The system provide full stabilization from zero speed all the way up to top speed. The sturdy servo actuators are also extremely compact and with the 24V power, no space consuming hydraulic pumps or AC power modules are required. This also means a more easy installation both for retrofits and new builds.

To combat anchor walking, Humphree fins rotate 180 deg when anchor is at the bow meaning that we instead of pushing against an anchor will gently pull. The result is a steady boat with less risk of circulating around the anchor. On top of it all, the system can be fully integrated with our interceptors meaning that roll, pitch and yaw motions are all controlled by one system. The Coordinated Turn feature provides better performance during turns by automatic coordination of the fins and the rudder position.

Stabilization without a genset engine

As this system is 100% powered by 24V DC, the system can be operated without a genset running at zero speed. Running directly off your battery bank.

Sturdy and robust, low built-in height and remarkably low weight

The  sturdy patented servo actuators are extremely compact. The space requirement inside the vessel is less than the most compact hydraulic fin stabilizer systems on the market. A depth of only 310mm from exterior mounting flange.

Compared to the competition, the Humphree fin system is typically 25-50% lighter as a  result of the 24V power and the unique design.

Stabilisation at Zero-speed (up to)
Stabilization at Speed (up to)

Integration with Interceptors - Stabilisation at all speeds

The combined fin and interceptor system provides full roll stabilization att all speeds, from zero and low speeds, all the way up to top speed. Compared to other systems in the market, this unique combination of interceptors and fins stabilize both roll and pitch motions underway. Enjoy the maximum comfort of the new generation!