Improve your boating with Humphree Electric Fin Stabilizers

Our advanced Electric Fin Stabilizers, equipped with cutting-edge 24V DC, deliver significant enhancements in stabilization from a complete stop to full speed, all without the need for a running genset. The system’s energy efficiency is boosted by charging directly from the main engine alternators, reducing noise, fuel use, and wear.

Our compact Electric Fins not only simplify installation but also prevent anchor walking by rotating 180 degrees to manage movement at the bow. Integrated with our Interceptors, this system controls roll, pitch, and yaw, ensuring optimal performance during maneuvers with the Coordinated Turn feature.

Humphree boat fins and stabilizers

Efficient Stabilization without a Genset Engine

Our electric fin stabilizer system, powered entirely by a 24V DC setup, operates without a genset even at zero speed, drawing energy directly from your battery bank.

Sturdy, robust, low built-in height and remarkably low weight

The Electric Fin Stabilizers feature highly compact, patented servo actuators that require significantly less space than conventional hydraulic systems, fitting neatly with a depth of just 310mm from the exterior mounting flange.

Additionally, our system is 25-50% lighter than competitors, thanks to our efficient 24V power system and innovative design, making the Humphree Fin System a superior choice for maritime stabilization.

Stabilisation at Zero-speed (up to)
Stabilization at Speed (up to)

Stabilization at All Speeds

Our electric fin stabilizers, combined with the interceptor system, provide full roll stabilization at all speeds, from zero to top speed. This unique integration of interceptors and fins stabilizes both roll and pitch motions more effectively than other systems on the market.

Experience unparalleled comfort with our groundbreaking technology.