Boat Fins

Our Fin Stabilizers are optimised for low water resistance, high efficiency and manufactured in advanced materials with unique characteristics.

Humphree boat fins and stabilizers

Exeptional Comfort with Humphree Fin Stabilizers

Experience unmatched stability both at anchor and while cruising with our All Speed Fin Stabilizers.

These fully electric systems are renowned for their minimal energy usage, eliminating the need for a running genset. Lightweight and compact, these stabilizers are preferred by yacht owners worldwide for their advanced materials and efficiency. Enjoy the unique 360° rotation capability at anchor, effectively preventing anchor walking.

Humphree Boat Fin Stabilizers bring cutting-edge technology to your vessel with fast-acting, brushless electric servo units powered by 24 V DC, ensuring maximum comfort without continuous genset operation. The Humphree Fins feature a solid upper edge, showcasing yet another innovation exclusive to our brand. These Fins are designed for easy modification—simply trim the solid part to fit your vessel’s hull, improving customization without the need for lamination.

Combine these Fin Stabilizers with Humphree Interceptors for full stabilization of roll, pitch, and yaw, optimizing both control and fuel efficiency. Explore the advanced boating technology available with Humphree — where innovation meets performance.

Cranchi Settantotto with Humphree Stabilizing Fins at zero speed

We live in an age where exciting innovation can enhance your boating experience. Humphree Electric Boat Fin Stabilizers make the difference between enjoyment and seasickness.

Film sequence from Settantotto, the new Cranchi flagship equipped with Humphree 24V DC electric fins (2x1m2 ) for premium comfort and performance.

Sunseeker Predator 53 Stabilization Sea Trial

The first part of the video shows the unique Humphree All Speed Fin system on a Sunseeker Predator at rest in choppy waters. This Sunseeker Predator 53 is also fitted with Humphree Interceptors. The Active system both trim and stabilizes your boat and changes the attitude of the whilst speeding up and underway. Top speed was increased by 20%, meaning lower RPM at cruising speed. This also means fuel savings.

Sea trial was filmed and performed by JMP Marine Services UK.

Sunseeker Predator 64 with Humphree Electric Fin Stabilizers. At speed.

We live in an age where exciting innovation can enhance your boating experience. Humphree Electric Fin Stabilizers make the difference between enjoyment and seasickness. This film sequence is from a Sunseeker Predator 64 shows what difference they make at about 10 knots.

Stabilized Codecasa Sea Trial at zero speed

A 50m Codecasa Yacht equipped with 4 x 1,5 m2 Humphree Electric Fin Stabilizers. Sea Trial at zero speed with great results.

Features & benefits

Features and Benefits

Custom-Ready Design – Humphree Fin Stabilizers feature a solid upper edge for easy cutting and fitting without touching the hull during rotation, eliminating the need for lamination and reducing fiberglass work.

24V DC Operation – The Fins operate cleanly without hydraulics and do not require a genset, ensuring efficient and eco-friendly usage.

360° Rotation – Designed to combat anchor walk, Humphree Fin Stabilizers can rotate 180° to pull the anchor, keeping the bow against the wind and reducing side waves.

Flange Mount – The unique fin flange mount design minimizes damage during grounding and simplifies installation.

All Speed Stabilization – Provides full stabilization both at anchor and at full speed, enhancing safety and comfort.

Integrated Interceptors – Combined with Interceptors, these Fin Stabilizers offer total motion control for both pitch and roll.

Compact Size & Low Weight – With a depth of just 310mm from the outside hull, these compact and lightweight Fin Stabilizers are perfect for retrofit installations where space is limited.

Humphree boat fins and stabilizers

Fixed Fin

Many waterjet boats experience course keeping problems. This is due to the missing underwater lateral area that helps the vessel to keep its course. An added lateral area is most efficient when installed in the very aft of the hull. Having a wing profile Fin gives a corrective force on yaw with minimum resistance. Humphree has developed a series of Fixed Fins that can be bolted to the hull. The bolts have been tested and verified to break off and keep the hull intact to limit the damage to the boat in the event of collision or grounding.

Features & benefits

• Sub-cavitating stabilising fins (below 40 knots)

• Several sizes available, HFF400 and HFF650

• Base-ventilated stabilising fins (above 40 knots) HFF500

• Several sizes available, HVFF300 and HVFF500