Humphree fin stabilizers on the most majestic Magellano

Humphree fin stabilizers for best comfort at all speeds


Set to arrive in Asia in 2024, the 30M flagship of Azimut’s semi-displacement Magellano series takes Ken Freivokh’s exterior design to new lengths and Vincenzo De Cotiis’ artistic, light-filled interiors to a new level.

Azimut launched its first Magellano in 2009, but the semi-displacement, navetta-style series has enjoyed a big boost in recent years. After the Magellano 66 enjoyed an upgrade last year, the Magellano 60 (Review, Issue 73) was introduced this year and became the line’s new entry model.

With growing interest in the line from within Asia, the region’s first Magellano 30M was sold by regional dealer Marine Italia and is expected to be handed over in Italy in spring 2024, potentially arriving in Hong Kong over the summer.

Lithium batteries can also be added so the yacht can run in Azimut’s Zero-Emission Hotel Mode with lighting, entertainment, AC units and the Humphree fin stabilizers powered for four hours by day and eight hours by night even when the generators are off.

The benefits of fin stabilizers