Questions & Answers

Aftermarket Support


Below you will find a number of questions that may arise when your Lightning Trim and Stabilization System has been used for some time. Questions regarding Service, Maintenance, or reparations.


Check the installation manual.

The LCU needs to be replaced, contact Humphree dealer.

Yes, the entire interceptor needs to be replaced.

No. But if more than one Led stops working on the underwater light, and this is under warranty time, then you will get a new interceptor on warranty.        

Same as Interceptor.

Humphree does not supply spare parts for the interceptor (Humphree supplies a complete new interceptor under warranty period), warranty is not valid if the interceptor is opened during a warranty period of 24 months.

Please contact a Humphree Center/Dealer. Go to the Humphree web page to find contact info for the nearest Humphree Center/Dealer

You can read Humphree Lightning Operators Manual and use the Diagnostic Trouble Code guide in the menu for troubleshooting.

A broken LCU needs to be shipped to Humphree, contact a Humphree center to get support and a quick solution on how to replace your broken LCU.

Go to the Humphree web page, select dealer/center to contact for support, and buy spare parts.

No service is needed, replace only if leaking.

No service is needed, change only if broken or if there are any cracks.

Very important. The cable protection is fitted to protect the cable/cable gland from whatever can damage it.

The cable protection is made of PC/PBT, this will last and withstand the sunlight for many years.

The recommendation is to change it if it is damaged in any way.

You need to remove the interceptor from the transom. See the installation manual.

The underwater light should not be painted, read the Lightning Operator Manual for more information.

See the Lightning Operator Manual for painting instructions.

Clean with soap and water, high-pressure water is ok to use.

Visual inspection of the interceptor, cables, control panel, and LCU annually. Recommend checking the interceptor bracket every 4th year.
Check interceptor bolts annually.

If the LCU is not properly installed and secured, then the system can read the sensors wrong and the performance is affected in an unexpected way, important to fit the LCU properly.

Yes, and it should be properly fitted and secured. The Lightning Control Unit has a class IP67. (1meter in 30min)

Yes, the cable is waterproof, according to spec (23149883_01_1).
Molex 150 connectors are protected by class IP6K7.

No, not necessary.

There are no torque limits, only calibration ok, or calibration fail.